We are excited to announce that Timberstone has been selected as finalists for the 17th Annual VIATEC Award, Innovative Excellence (Hardware). The awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in BC, as well as the leaders, creators and innovators that have driven the local tech sector to over $4 billion in annual sales and Victoria’s largest private industry.

As a member of VIATEC’s Venture Acceleration Program, Timberstone has benefited from the lessons and mentoring  received over the course of  the ongoing program. It’s thrilling to see that our efforts are being rewarded and the whole team sees it as an encouragement to keep pushing forward, especially since it’s been an eventful past year. We have  increased our efforts to commercialize our Coil-Link System on the oil and gas market. It’s a real time downhole data system which streams to surface a wide selection of mission critical parameters. These in turn enable the coil tubing operators to gain certainty and eliminate risk and guesswork. In short, it’s the eyes and ears where previously operations were carried out blindly.

With the VIATEC Award Gala taking place June 15th at the Royal Theatre, this will offer  Timberstone team members a chance to brush up with Victoria’s flourishing tech scene in what will no doubt be a memorable evening.

We would like to congratulate all 44 of the nominated companies, our fellow Venture Acceleration Program members, and particularly our fellow finalists for the Innovative Excellence Hardware award (ASAsoft (Canada), DreamCraft Attractions, Iris Dynamics, Latitude Technologies, SunTracker Technologies).

See the official news release here.