Reservoir Group Technology Showcase

Timberstone invited to present Coil-Link System at Reservoir Group Technology Showcase


Coil-Link booth at trade show


Timberstone Tools is delighted to have been able to participate at the Reservoir Group Product Showcase held in Calgary on May 31. It was a great opportunity to engage with potential customers and present the Coil-Link System. Congratulations to the many who came to try their hands on our tool display: they could observe in real-time how much torque they could generate on the tool.


Side view of Coil-Link


It was also a chance to get to know Reservoir Group team members and to become familiarized with the suite of intervention technologies and services offered by the Reservoir Group. MORE ABOUT THIS FROM JK

Furthermore, we were really interested by the possible synergies between Coil-Link and Reservoir Group’s intervention services. We believe that the downhole measurements recorded and transmitted to the surface by Coil-Link could prove to be real assets when complementing XXYZYZXYYX operation.

If you’d like to hear more about our Coil-Link System, or want to get in touch about where we will be presenting our tool next, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.