Coil-Link in coil cab

Coil-Link Launch

Coil-Link  Launch

The commercial field launch of Coil-Link happened just last week on the 13th of September. Our downhole measurement system Coil-Link had its first run in hole: An underbalanced coiled tubing drilling job in Cardston AB. For the Timberstone Tools team, this was the culmination of many years of hard work finally coming together.

Coil-Link launch Job site

Getting Ready

The excitement was shared between Timberstone Tools CEO Jeff Kennedy, present on the job site, and the rest of the team back in Victoria. Jeff was able to oversee the tooling-up of the downhole tool, ensuring that the wireline was correctly terminated in the cablehead.

Coil-Link Downhole sub being torqued on BHA

The downhole tool was energized as soon as it was connected and successfully function-tested on surface. This started the instantaneous real-time sampling and recording by the sub, and the coil operator was able to visualize the measurements directly in the coil cab on the portable tablet screen. Before long the operation was underway.

Coil-Link in coil cab

Running the Service

For the team, witnessing our service being used for the first time was both exciting and nerve-wracking.  Back in Victoria, we were also able to view the real-time data measurements which were streamed by the Coil-Link topside control unit via cellular network.

Remote monitoring at HQ

As the drilling went underway, the mirrored Coil-Link Viewer screen was accessible at our HQ meeting room and we could follow the changes in the parameters recorded by the system, as they happened. Back on the job site, the benefit to the client was immediate and we knew that having access to bottom hole pressures and drilling parameters was hitting it home, as far as maintaining downhole conditions underbalanced and making good drilling rates.

Take Home Message

We understand that coil tubing completions and interventions suffer from a lack of downhole instrumentation, a complaint shared by and heard from industry peers. This means that operations are carried out blindly, and the behaviour of the equipment used in the well is purely based on predictions, models and operator experience.

With Coil-Link, we are pleased to bridge that information gap by offering downhole measurements which accompany the coil operator throughout the whole job to grant operational certainty, akin to surface logging or MWD services for conventional drilling.

Looking back at last week’s operation, it proved to be a success across the board and our customer was highly satisfied with the results.

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